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Dr. Kamy Hanwisimae Mckenzy-Shaw

I was born in El Paso, Texas, and lived my first seven years in South America. I live and practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I come from a family of doctors and healers going back seven generations. I was raised Christian with integrated Cheyenne, Lakota, and indigenous Latin American healing traditions.

My Grandmother was one of the first women chiropractors to be licensed. My Grandfather and Father were doctors, who practiced full family care together in a small town that included homebirths. I joined them as a young girl, eventually catching my first baby at 17 years old. I spent 38 years in Midwifery. I incorporated massage to do better labor support, aid pregnancy, labor, postpartum, infant massage, and total family care. My journey has led me to become a Yoga instructor, master herbalist, certified clinical aromatherapist, ancient healing therapist, and trauma and abuse specialist who is currently a Christian Clinical psychologist and certified art therapist. I have worked across the globe and have been serving in the Southwest since 1995. I bring all of my professional education and experience to this endeavor and my personal experiences. My Heart is dedicated to serving students and my community. I look forward to meeting and working with you.



MA Psy., Art Therapy

LMT NM #6868, RMTI-S #0498, -I #0595

LMr, CPMr, CArT, CMHr  



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